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Andrew Bouvier-Brown has devoted his life to fighting for people accused of wrongdoing by the government. His passion began at a young age– even as a high school student, he earned college scholarships by winning a speech contest in which he argued for an increased commitment to funding for the public defender’s office. As an attorney, he is known in the criminal defense community as a tireless advocate who represents each client zealously and with a high degree of skill.

A 2006 cum laude graduate of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, Mr. Bouvier-Brown began his career working as a post-bar Death Penalty Law Clerk in the Contra Costa County Office of the Public Defender. In that capacity, Mr. Bouvier-Brown had the privilege of working for some of the finest attorneys in California on complex matters related to capital (death penalty) cases.

Upon moving to Southern California in 2009, Mr. Bouvier-Brown entered into trial practice. HSuper Lawyers Rating Image For A Torrance DUI Attorney - Law Office of Andrew Bouvier-Browne now handles felony and misdemeanor cases of all types. He has developed a special expertise in matters relating to police brutality, where the victim of an unlawful use of force is often accused of criminal conduct by the misbehaving officers to provide cover against a civil lawsuit. He has also heavily experienced in gang-related violent felonies and sexual crimes. The common thread in all his cases is that Mr. Bouvier-Brown brings a level of skill and intensity to his work which gets great results for his clients.

Winner of the 2013 “Kindness and Justice” award from The Private Defenders, Inc., and a “Top Contributor” on the free legal website Avvo.com, Mr. Bouvier-Brown has a demonstrated commitment to the larger cause of the criminal defense community. His work is not just a “job,” but rather, a calling and a labor of love.

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