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Police Car Lights Photo - Gang Crime Attorney Torrance to Long BeachBecause one of the most common criminal offenses is driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both, there is a large contingent of criminal attorneys who aggressively market themselves as “DUI attorneys.” This is for any number of reasons.

Some of these attorneys see representing people accused of DUI as a great way to make money: they charge a significant fee knowing that they will run the case through their ‘mill’ without a lot of effort. The more cases they can take, the more they can claim to be experts at DUI, and the more money they make for less effort on their part. Our office treats DUIs the same way we treat all of our cases: with an individually tailored approach built on attention to your specific needs.

Some of these lawyers simply don’t want to do any other kind of criminal case. They see DUI cases as not being ‘real’ crimes, and they don’t want to represent people charged with ‘real’ crimes. Accordingly, they have little or no experience handling criminal matters beyond DUI work. Our approach is quite different; we handle all kinds of criminal offenses, giving us a breadth and depth of experience.

Your Lawyer Representation

Image Of Keys And Drink On Bar For Torrance DUI Attorney - Law Office Of Andrew Bouvier BrownSome lawyers see the DUI “market” as the ideal target for a “bargain basement” or “clearance-sale” marketing strategy. They spend big dollars on advertising and offer cut rates for their work; often, they then turn around and ‘farm’ out their client’s cases to someone else on a ‘contract’ basis. Our office doesn’t hand cases off to anyone; Mr. Bouvier-Brown represents every client personally. While we provide an excellent value to our clients, we will never engage in price-slashing techniques which compromise the quality of representation.

Our office has no interest in any of these quality-compromising business tactics. Our core value is doing the best work possible for each and every client, and being explicitly honest with each person who consults with us for services. We won’t tell you things to scare you, we won’t promise magical solutions to the problems your case may present, and we certainly won’t ever give you the ‘hard sell’ to get you to sign on the dotted line. What we can and will do is provide you with the best, most zealous defense the law allows, while also helping manage any potential consequences which can stem from a DUI arrest.

DUI Consequences

California Drivers License Close Up Image For Torrance DUI Attorney - Law Office Of Andrew Bouvier BrownWe’re not afraid to tell you the truth of what you’re dealing with while still doing everything possible to try to win your case. At the very least, we can often help to limit or mitigate the negative consequences you’re up against. For instance, if we are unable to prevent your license from being suspended by the DMV (no matter what anyone tells you, beating the DMV’s suspension process is very rare), perhaps we can help you manage the effect of that suspension on your day-to-day life. Perhaps we can successfully negotiate better terms of a plea bargain than you’d get on your own. You will be well informed, understand the system you’re up against and get to make meaningful decisions about how to proceed in your case.

Full-Service Criminal Defense

And of course, if there are problems of proof in your case—if it looks like you are innocent, or the prosecution won’t be able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt—we are prepared to actually do the work necessary to try the case properly. We bring the insight and experience of a full-service criminal defense firm to the table. We aren’t lost in the world of ‘just DUIs, all the time’; we represent individuals in all kinds of cases, and bring that breadth of experience to bear on your case.

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Whatever the crime, our office can help.

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