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Drug defense attorney helps medical marijuana cases in Torrance, CADrug-related crimes vary in scope and in their degree of seriousness—everything from simple possession of marijuana for personal use to possession for sale of large amounts cocaine. Nevertheless, all drug related criminal allegations have certain key features in common.

Drug charges defense often involves complex Constitutional issues 

Often, a drug related case involves complicated pre-trial motions based on the legality of the stop (or detention), search, and seizure of the drugs and related evidence. These motions involve complicated constitutional issues which change as the law develops and courts reach new decisions about how to interpret the California and federal constitutions.

Our office keeps up to date on the latest developments and is prepared to aggressively litigate any potential “motion to suppress” which may be available to you if you are charged with a drug crime. This is true whether you are charged with simple, low-level possession offenses or high level trafficking. These sorts of motions are often the critical issue—sometimes called the ‘dispositive’ issue—in drug related cases, so it is very important that they be handled by an experience, diligent, conscientious advocate, your lawyer.

Consider Diversion Options for Drug Offense

Drug Defense Attorney, Marijuana Bud Photo - Law Office Of Andrew Bouvier BrownIn many drug cases, a defense attorney will be able to help the accused obtain a ‘diversion’ result.

Diversion generally means that the accused is given an opportunity to participate in treatment and counseling programs, and if successful, the case is dismissed ‘as if it never happened.’ California has multiple versions of ‘diversion’ programs which might be available, and individual prosecutors’ offices may have their own, informal approach to diversionary outcomes available.

Diversion can sometimes be obtained even in cases where the drug charges relate to possession for sale, whereas those charges normally don’t allow diversion.

Diversion is only half the battle, and we fight the whole way! 

However, getting to plead to diversion is only half the battle. Then you must be able to successfully complete the program in order to obtain the benefit of your plea bargain. In today’s post-Great Recession economy, the services available to defendants who get diversion can be incredibly difficult to navigate.

Our office commits to not only helping you obtain a diversion outcome, if that is your goal, but to helping you successfully complete your diversion program by getting properly enrolled, ensuring you are not kicked out of the program for an unfair reason, and generally being available to you should you have any questions. Call our office today.

Whatever the crime, our office can help.

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