Aug 132013

Often, when someone finds themselves in trouble with the law for the first time, he or she is told by people in the know that he or she should try to get “diversion.” The question is, what the heck does that mean?

Bear in mind that when it comes to DRUG cases, at least, “simple possession” drug cases, there are actually two formalized ‘diversion’ type programs, and they’re another topic for another day. The above information is generally applicable to non-drug related offenses throughout the state of California.

Whether or not you or your loved one’s case is a good candidate for a “diversion” outcome is something that has to be analyzed specifically by a qualified attorney. The availability of diversionary outcomes will vary tremendously based on the specific allegations, the court the case is in, and sometimes even just the personality of the prosecutor, so please consult with a qualified attorney if you think you might be a candidate for diversion.

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