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Following an arrest, you may be unsure how to best protect your legal rights. The Law Office of Andrew Bouvier-Brown is a criminal defense firm that assists clients throughout the Redondo Beach area when they have been accused of a crime. We handle a wide variety of criminal cases, with a focus on personal service and professionalism.

Criminal Proceeding Process In Redondo Beach, CA

When you’ve been arrested, charges are not a guarantee. Arrests by a police officer should only be made if there is sufficient probable cause. In some instances, the evidence may not be sufficient for a prosecutor to bring charges. If charges do result, the case proceeds to arraignment where you are formally told of your charges and are allowed to plead guilty or not guilty. Before the arraignment occurs, our firm will help you navigate this technical process for the best possible outcomes.

Our Personal Service

Andrew Bouvier-Brown has years of experience defending criminal cases, and he is committed to knowing each of his clients personally. Mr. Bouvier-Brown is highly familiar with the court system in Redondo Beach and the surrounding South Bay area. He aims to keep his firm small to maintain a dedicated focus on each client’s specific circumstances.

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If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime in Redondo Beach and are looking for a trusted criminal justice attorney, contact the Law Office of Andrew Bouvier-Brown today for a free consultation.

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