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WHATEVER ELSE YOU MAY HAVE HEARD, marijuana is not legal here in the state of California. It’s not “technically” illegal, either: it’s really illegal. Perhaps that will change soon; this office certainly hopes that it will. But until it does, it is important to understand that yes, you can be prosecuted for marijuana-related offenses in the Torrance Courthouse and throughout the greater South Bay area.

marijuana attorney in Torrance, CaliforniaDefending Medical Marijuana Users

Our firm has extensive experience dealing with marijuana related charges; for the first two years of his practice, Mr. Bouvier-Brown’s trial practice focused heavily on defending medical marijuana users against criminal allegations.

The world of attorneys “specializing” in marijuana law is, like anywhere else, a mixed bag; there are a number of true professionals, but also a disturbing number of snake-oil salesmen with law degrees. Unfortunately, people often find themselves in trouble because they are a little too willing to believe what sounds to be too good to be true: they are told that it’s okay to sell marijuana so long as they use certain “magic words” to describe their activity, for example. Not so. It is still not lawful to make a profit by distributing marijuana.

Yes, there are medical marijuana collectives, and yes, you’ll see their storefronts throughout the South Bay and the greater Los Angeles area. Do not consider that an indication that it’s okay to simply set up shop and start selling marijuana to medical patients as a business model. Do not consider that an indication that it’s okay to simply start growing marijuana and selling it to people, so long as those people all have medical marijuana recommendations. The actual law is far more complex, and caution is necessary.

marijuana growing, possession, distribution, cultivation, or transportation in Torrance

All Marijuana Offenses

If you find yourself accused of a criminal offense related to marijuana possession, distribution, cultivation, or transportation, don’t despair. The amount of confusion out there in the world makes it quite understandable that sometimes, people end up on the wrong end of the law.

It is also absolutely the case that some law enforcement officers don’t understand the law, while you might; it’s also the case that some law enforcement officers simply don’t like the law and intend to go on arresting and seeking prosecutions of law-abiding citizens anyway.

Marijuana Defense Lawyer

You need a qualified, experienced attorney to safeguard your rights. It’s also quite beneficial to ensure that the lawyer you hire to represent you has a broad range of criminal defense experience, not just experience in one particular kind of case. Mr. Bouvier-Brown has that ideal background: he’s experienced in marijuana related defense, including medical marijuana defense, but he also has the broad perspective of a criminal defense generalist.

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