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If you are facing the possibility of going to jail, the first question you will probably ask is “When do I get out?” The answer, at least for LA County, is more complicated than you think…

“How much time will I actually do in LA County Jail” Video Transcript

So, one question that comes up all the time here in Los Angeles County is, “How much time is my loved one, or am I really going to do inside a Los Angeles County jail facility?” And frankly, I’d love to tell you that I know the answer to that question, but the reality is nobody, judges, criminal defense attorneys, even prosecutors, really know how much time somebody is going to do if they do their time inside a Los Angeles County jail facility.

Now, when you enter into custody in a Los Angeles County jail facility, you’re given a release date, but that release date is just the day you will be released if you served all of the time you were sentenced to under the law including your credit calculations.

Yes, it is true; people get released early, much earlier than their projected release dates from LA County. But it’s turned out to be really unpredictable. And nobody that I know has any insight into what that pattern is. Sometimes it seems like people are getting released the day that they get booked in. Other times, they wind up doing most of their time or all of their time. So, yes, people are getting released early, but it’s not predictable and you shouldn’t count on it and you shouldn’t tell your loved one to count on it. It’s something that is very case-by-case and doesn’t seem to have a lot of rhyme or reason to it at this point. That’s the best answer we can give you at this time.

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