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At the Law Office of Andrew Bouvier-Brown, the golden rule is that we never charge a client money until we are sure that there is a meaningful service we can offer.  Consultations with our office are always free, whether in person, by phone, or by email.

It is always a good idea to get a free consultation.  Even if it turns out you do not have an issue that requires our help, you will feel better for having asked!

“Free Consultations” Video Transcript

I think it’s become pretty common for criminal defense attorneys to offer free consultations. I offer free consultations as well. I can’t speak for any of my colleagues, but I know why I enjoy offering free consultations to people.

I think the biggest reason is that I never want anyone to feel hesitant to contact our office to see if there is anything we need to do to help them in a difficult situation. And sometimes it’s just things that are difficult to talk about over the phone, either because they’re sensitive topics, or just because it’s a particular situation where a person needs to get a sense of me and whether they feel comfortable with me and whether they are confident that they can trust me. I know that it happens fairly often.

In fact, I know that it happens every week at least that I have someone from my office who comes in for a free consultation, we talk about the situation, we talk about what they’re going through, and it turns out that they didn’t really need a criminal defense attorney at all. That what they really just needed was some clarification or some answers about what’s going on. I’m always happy to offer that.

It’s always a good feeling when you have someone leave your office feeling more confident about their life and their circumstances and knowing that they’re in good hands if they do have a problem. And if they don’t have a problem, and if they don’t need my services, all the better for them, and I’m always willing to offer someone that peace of mind. So I enjoy free consultations. I think they are an important thing to have as a service available to the public, and I hope that no one ever hesitates to call me and set up a meeting if they feel they need one.

Whatever the crime, our office can help.

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