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Defending yourself in court can be a financially difficult. You want to ensure the best defense possible, without breaking the bank. So why should you hire a private investigator?

“Do I Need to Hire a Private Investigator?” Video Transcript

So, sometimes I get the question, “My attorney says I have to hire a private investigator; do I really need to do that or do I have to do that?” And the answer usually is yes.

Private investigators do things to help you with your case that attorneys can’t help you do. Even though they are not attorneys, they form a part of a defense team, and that can be an important job.

So one example, a simple example, is let’s say a witness says, “I saw so-and-so go into a store and they were wearing a red shirt,” and that’s important to your case. If the attorney took that statement from the witness and the witness then got on the witness stand during a trial and said, “Actually the person who went into the store was wearing a blue shirt,” well, unless you had a private investigator take that person’s statement, you’re not going to have a lot of options for correcting that misstatement or maybe it’s just a flat out lie on the witness’ part. And so you can be stuck with their erroneous testimony and you wouldn’t be able to get helpful information interviewed.

Now that’s just a very simple example, but it’s one of the many reasons why having a private investigator on your defense team can be not just important, but essential. And it’s not because the attorney is trying to get money for the private investigator, it’s just the way the business works, it can be really important to you and your team. So if you have questions about your specific case or you want to talk about your case, feel free to give me a call at the number at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, thanks for listening.

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