Prosecuting Agencies At The Torrance Courthouse


Does it matter which prosecuting agency is handling my case?

The Torrance Courthouse is fairly unusual within Los Angeles County. There are more prosecuting agencies bringing cases to this courthouse than any other court in L.A. County. That’s right: not all cases are prosecuted by the same agency. If you’re accused of a misdemeanor in the general South Bay vicinity, your case might get handled by a number of different groups, depending on where the crime occurred. That means different deputy prosecutors, who have different supervisors, who are hired by different chief prosecutors, who in turn answer to different politicians and constituents.

As these agencies differ—whether it’s a “city prosecutor” in Lawndale or the LA County District Attorney—so should your defense attorney’s approach. Our office knows these different groups well, and knows that you don’t approach everyone the same way. That’s one of the benefits of our location, a benefit we are able to put to good use on behalf of you or your loved one.



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