Law Enforcement Agencies at the Torrance Courthouse


Does it matter what which law enforcement agency is investigating my case?

It always, always helps for your defense team to be familiar with the law enforcement agency who arrested you and may still be investigating your case. Across broad swaths of the greater Los Angeles area, those agencies might be basically the same: Los Angeles Police Department, LA County Sheriff’s Department, perhaps the California Highway Patrol.

Here in the South Bay, however, there are a much greater number of different agencies. If your case is being sent to the Torrance Courthouse, you could be dealing with any number of possible law enforcement departments. These departments range from some of the smallest in the state to some of the largest in the country, and that means different things for you and your loved one.

Because our office is truly local to Torrance, we’re familiar with all of these different groups, and we rely on that knowledge to make sure you or your loved one get the best possible result.

Video Transcription

“One of the interesting challenges working out of the Torrance Courthouse is that the Torrance Courthouse is serviced by more law enforcement agencies than any other courthouse in Los Angeles County. And these law enforcement agencies can be very different. Everything from the smallest departments, like Palos Verdes Police Department, all the way up to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country.

Having a familiarity with each of these agencies that are in the area really changes the approach that your defense team should take to investigating your case. Our office has the familiarity and the expertise to know that though the investigation priorities, the policies and the procedures of the different departments, whether it’s Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach or the Los Angeles Police Department, they’re all going to vary dramatically from place to place.

And that impacts the way a quality defense attorney approaches the investigation to your case. It’s a nuanced approach, it’s a detailed approach, it’s the kind of approach that you can only get by being familiar with the area and being a true local to the Torrance Courthouse. Our office has that expertise and familiarity to offer you, and that’s what we bring to each and every case that comes through our door.”



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