Criminal Cases in Torrance & the South Bay

Column at the base of a courthouse in Torrance, CA     Even within a single county like Los Angeles, the way criminal cases proceed—and the types of outcomes one should expect—can vary widely based on the local courthouse the case is assigned to. Everyone follows the same basic body of law, the California Penal Code, but the way that law is carried out can be so different from place to place that it might seem hardly recognizable. Competent defense attorneys know that a criminal case in Lancaster should be handled differently than a criminal case in Downey, for example.

     Our office is truly local to the Torrance Branch of the Los Angeles County Superior Court. We’re located three blocks down the street. As a consequence, we know the specific issues that need to be considered when dealing with a criminal case here in Torrance. This page, and the links you’ll find here, address some (but certainly not all) of these Torrance-specific issues.

     Of course, the information you find here is no substitute for the help of a local lawyer. No website can tell you what you need to know to defend yourself or your loved one; no website can evaluate the specifics of your situation. Only a qualified attorney can give you legal advice. So please: if you have a case in the Torrance courthouse, feel free to look over the information here, but then give us a call for a free consultation.


Helpful information and videos about criminal cases at the Torrance Courthouse:




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