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A child in trouble with the law is often a parent’s worst nightmare. If your child has been accused of a crime, how do you know if they could be tried as an adult?


Video Transcription:

One of the big concerns that parents have if their child is accused of a crime in the state of California is, “Is there a possibility that my child can be tried as an adult?”

Now certain serious offenses, if your child is over a certain age, can be directly filed in adult court as an adult offense. Otherwise, the case will start in juvenile delinquency proceedings, but if the district attorney’s office thinks it’s serious, they might seek to have a fitness hearing, at which point your child’s case could be transferred to adult court. But it’s important to understand, those issues aside, even if your child is going to remain in what they call juvenile delinquency court, you need to have an attorney who is familiar with those issues representing your child.

Juvenile delinquency proceedings are different than adult court proceedings, but they can have very serious consequences on your child’s life in the short-term. And frankly, nowadays with the law changing, even for the long-term. So make sure you have someone hired to represent your child who understands the strategic issues involved in juvenile delinquency proceedings and the specific laws that are available to help protect juveniles who are accused of delinquency offenses.

If you have a specific question about a case involving your child, or you wanted to discuss the issues, you’re welcome to give me a call for a free case consultation at the number at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, thanks for watching.

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