Fraud Representation in Torrance and Long Beach, CA


Tax Bill Image For Torrance Criminal Defense Lawyer - Law Office Of Andrew Bouvier BrownFraud falls under the umbrella of financial crimes, which are enforced at both the state and federal level. The legal definition of fraud is any act of deception, concealment, omission of, or perversion of the truth in order to gain an unfair or unlawful advantage.

California Fraud Cases

The Law Office of Andrew Bouvier-Brown can provide strong representation in a variety of fraud-related cases. Our staff is fully committed to each client. We provide personal attention to each case and work hard to get you the best possible result.

If you have been charged with mortgage fraud, real estate fraud, tax fraud, or insurance fraud, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney immediately. Consulting an attorney early will help prevent potential mistakes that could be harmful to your case later on. Additionally, immediate representation can protect your name within the business community and allow you to continue established relationships after the case is over.

Representation With Andrew Bouvier-Brown

Image Of Torrance Assault Lawyer Writing In Law Office - Law Office Of Andrew Bouvier BrownThe South Bay area is a competitive business environment, and the handling of your fraud case can make or break your future. We understand the Torrance court system and have built a reputation for success and honesty within the community. Lauded criminal defense attorney Andrew Bouvier-Brown personally handles every case in the office. He keeps his caseload small, so each client can get the attention and support they deserve. There are unique challenges to every case. He will listen to and address all of your concerns to make sure your fraud accusation is addressed with honest legal representation.

Schedule a free consultation today. During this time, we will review the charges against you to ensure that our office is the best fit for your case. The Law Office of Andrew Bouvier-Brown will never take money from a client unless we know we can provide the best legal representation for your personal needs. Whatever the crime, we can help. Call anytime at (310) 633-4612.

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