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Mr. Bouvier-Brown handles all types of criminal defense cases. This includes cases where the person accused is a juvenile (known as “juvenile delinquency” cases).

Under the state bar rules, no criminal defense attorney is allowed to claim to “specialize” in any specific type of criminal defense case. However, here are some very general examples of the types of cases Mr. Bouvier-Brown is qualified to handle:

What if I’m not sure what type of case I have? 

Not sure if your case is a criminal defense case? Please feel free to call; if your matter isn’t something Mr. Bouvier-Brown handles he’ll happily refer you to a trusted colleague. There’s no cost for an initial phone call.

The police say they “just want to talk” to me. Do I need a lawyer, or can I wait to see how this plays out before hiring someone? 

As a general rule, you should never speak to the police without speaking to a criminal defense attorney first. The fact that you didn’t do anything wrong only makes it more urgent that you protect your rights. The police are not obligated to tell you if you are the target of their investigation, and they are actually taught to lie to you about things they “know” in order to induce you to speak to them.

If you speak to the police without consulting a lawyer, that step can never be undone and it almost always hurts you. If you speak to a lawyer first, and it is determined that there is no danger in you speaking to the police, then you can go ahead and speak to them afterwards with no harm done.

Why do you only take criminal defense cases? 

Mr. Bouvier-Brown works exclusively on criminal defense matters because he believes it takes this kind of focus to handle a criminal defense matter properly. Civil matters—lawsuits, disputes between landlords and tenant, employment matters—are handled under a different procedural code entirely. By the same token, criminal defense practice often turns on a nuanced understanding of the way the law plays out in a real criminal courtroom, not just an academic understanding of the law. For those reasons Mr. Bouvier-Brown believes it is important to focus his efforts solely on criminal matters.

Whatever the crime, our office can help.

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